Hmmmmmm, let see: I live in Texas (for 23 yrs), I have a Wife and 2 Sons, I like Guns, and I've been an engineer for 25 years.
- I've also lived is Calif. (during the Sixties), NYC, Alaska, Arizona, and Colorado
- I Love Cats, Rock 'n' Roll, Fishing, Hunting, Reading and playing on my Computer

Q & A

Q: Why are you Writing these Posts?
A: Because I feel that the White Conservative Christians are getting the shaft when it comes to being heard. We are blamed by everyone for the ills that have happened to them or we are the cause of every bad circumstance happening in America today. So someone needs to speak out, and I want to be another voice to correct this bad misconseptions of real Americans.

Q: Mr M, Do you really use Guns?
A: Yes, and if you ask another stupid questions, you will find out personally (*cocking back the hammer on my .357*)

Q: How can I grow up to be like you?
A: Well, Go to college, get an good education (none of that Liberal artsy-fartsy stuff), buy a Handgun (start with a Revolver or a good Auto), get trained on your weapon of choice, and read my friends' Blog Sites to learn how to think with your mind, examine the facts and not turn into a stupid Foozle™ or a Moon-Bat.

Mr M Likes His Guns!!

Pistols - 1876 Colt SAA in .45 Long; Tarus SS .357

Rifle - Remington BDL in .280 w/10X Leopold Scope

Love My Cats Too

My Mascot, Beamer - a 25 lb Mainecoon